Regret #2: sept

People are shitty. That has nothing to do with you. Please stop taking it like it has to do with you.

Whoever and whatever they’re doing next, this will be the recurring theme of THEIR life. Not yours.

Take charge of your own life. Create moments of happiness with those that choose to be around you. Choose to invest time and effort.

The biggest insult is when someone wastes your time and effort. So, minimize your losses and move the heck on.


Regret #2: quatre

In this moment, you can feel that you’ll be apart of a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous. A love so profound and meaningful and fulfilling.

So you say Alhamdullilah. So you say insh’Allah. Because in this moment, you know that Allah will always take care of you.


Regret #2: trois

Just so we’re on the same page… I hope you know we’re platonic (that special someone for me)/ just friends

No we’re not breaking up because that would mean I’m cutting you out of my life and I don’t want that. I want you around but not in that way.

You’re not the person I need.

There was a wooing phase. Emojis and laughs. Smiles. Giggles. What changed?

Regret #2: deux

Don’t message him, Shanzay.

You’ve spent another day going back & forth, caving and reaching out twice.
His response won’t be what you want. An emotionally unaware response.

He’s very weird. Very emotionally stunted. He won’t give anything a second thought, a moment of his time.
So don’t waste yours.

It can only be one sided for so long. The dynamic went from fun to not fun. It’s no longer fun. And it lasted a shorter duration than it should have.

So don’t message him. You’re leaving soon. This is good breathing space.

Stay blessed. You’re allowed to change how things affect you. Choose to not let this phase you.

Change the condition of your heart. You’re strong enough. You have the willpower. Say Alhamdullilah & move on.

Baby, you got happiness & love all around you. Channel it!